Is there sales tax on my order?

The short version: Yes, unless your order is shipping to Missouri, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Delaware or New Hampshire. 

The long version: 

Prior to mid-2018, it was the norm for online businesses to be obligated to charge tax anywhere that they have operations. However, tax laws have since changed: in June 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the state of South Dakota on a lawsuit that would change the landscape of online shopping. (You can find more information on the case here.)

Since this ruling, nearly every state in the US has enacted laws that allow them to collect tax on sales from businesses outside of the state if they meet a certain minimum of transactions within the state. The only exception to this is the state of Missouri, which is slated to enact similar laws sometime in the near future. Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Delaware, and New Hampshire do not charge sales tax, so orders shipped to these states won't have a tax charge by default.

Please note that the prices displayed on our site exclude taxes. Any and all applicable taxes will be displayed during checkout.

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