How do I use the coupon/promo code that I received?

There are two ways to redeem a coupon code on our website: from the Cart, or during Checkout.

To redeem your coupon code during Checkout:

During the Payment Method step, the promo code box will be displayed right above the Credit Card and PayPal buttons. If you have a gift card, this is also where you can apply it to your order.


Once you enter your code, hit 'Apply'. If your promo code was accepted, you're all set! 



To redeem your coupon code from the Cart: 

Click or tap on the orange shopping cart icon on the top right of your screen, then click 'Visit Cart Page' (the button below 'Checkout Now'). 



Below 'Summary' on the right-hand side of the page and right above the large 'Checkout' button, click on the 'have a promo code?' link. The promo code blank will appear:


Once there, all you need to do is paste or type in your code (no symbols or spaces), and then hit the green arrow button. If your coupon code was accepted, the discount will now be applied to your order!




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