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How long do Lake Art pieces take to ship?

There is a lead time of 3-4 weeks before Lake Art products ship. The lead time provides a buffer for the Maker to hand craft your item and package it properly. Our standard 5 day shipping time for ground shipping applies after the full lead time is accounted for.

In some cases, you may receive a shipping notification long before the item is actually placed in the mail. This is because the Maker has printed the shipping label in preparation to make and package the item. In this case, please account for the lead time, and the tracking will begin to update when it is in transit.


How do I add a custom marker on my Lake Art piece?

Lake Art can do custom markers on their serving trays or wall art pieces that are priced over $100, provided the following:

  • The lake is readily available from the drop-down menus on the Lake Art product page
  • You have purchased the piece already and are awaiting a proof from Lake Art

*Customizations cannot be done on the cribbage board, notebook, or 8" x 10" wall art.

What happens next is that Lake Art will send you a proof of the piece via email.At that point, you can reply to Lake Art with the marker request, they will send you a new proof, and if you agree to it, you pay an extra $25 for the custom marker, paid via PayPal directly to Lake Art. Once you reply and approve the proof, they will begin manufacturing it.


Can I see a proof of my Lake Art piece before ordering?

Absolutely! We can send a proof for any body of water that appears on the drop down menu or on this full list. Please email us with the lake you are interested in and we'll send a proof.


Can I order a lake that's not on the drop-down menu?

We can do any of the thousands of lakes that is on this list. If you do not see the lake that you want, please contact Lake Art directly to get a quote on a custom piece.


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