What is the shelf life for Bondic?

The shelf life of an unopened unit is a year or more (at room temperature). 


How should Bondic be stored?

It's best to store Bondic at room temperature (66 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit). Outside of this range and the liquid may start to harden or leak out of the tube.


What's the best way to apply Bondic?

Apply Bondic in thin layers, allowing the layers to cure 100% before adding another layer. For very smooth surfaces, sand down the surface to make it rougher so that Bondic can adhere better.


Can Bondic be sanded down?

Yes, once Bondic is completely cured, it can be sanded or polished.


Can Bondic come in contact with food?

No, Bondic is not an FDA approved food grade plastic.


Can Bondic be used to fix dental crowns?

Although the method for using Bondic is similar to the technology used to set dental resin, Bondic should not be used orally. 

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