Axis Drones

Drone won’t lift off ground:

  1. Check the orientation of your blades 
  2. Make sure your drone and remote batteries are fully charged
  3. Check that blades are not bent or damaged, replace as needed

Drone drifts heavily in one direction:

  1. Make sure your trimmer settings are at center 
  2. Make sure all blades are evenly and fully seated on driveshafts
  3. Restart and pair drone and controller 
  4. If 1-3 did not solve please recalibrate your drone 

Controller and Drone won’t connect:

  1. Replace the batteries in the controller with brand new ones
  2. Fully charge the drone and try again 

Drone won’t hover, keeps going up and down:

  1. Use thumb and index finger on throttle to make smaller adjustments
  2. Check that blades are not damaged or on incorrectly


For the full operator manuals, select your model:


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