Edwin the Duck

How to reset Edwin

If Edwin is having trouble charging, lighting up, playing music, or interacting, a hard reset may be required. Hold in Edwin’s heart for 15 seconds. He will quack twice and his heart will strobe red/green … then let go of his heart and turn him back on.

Edwin App device compatibility:

iOS: Edwin’s motion-based SQUACK™ technology, Sleepy Time app, and Temperature Sensing apps require iOS 5.1.1 or later, and Bluetooth 4.0, which is included in the following devices:

  • iPhone®: version 4S or higher
  • iPod touch®: 5th generation or higher
  • iPad®: 3rd generation or higher
  • iPad mini™: all versions 

Android: Edwin’s main app is available in Google Play. Interactions require Android Marshmallow enabled devices. App may be installed on v4.3 enabled devices with limited interactions.

Audio streaming compatible with all BT 4.0 enabled devices.


Quick set up guide is here:

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