How do I make a claim on products that are Made for a Lifetime?

Makers tagged with the Made for a Lifetime value use superior materials or techniques so their products will last for years and years.

Follow the Maker’s instructions for use and maintenance, and if the product breaks or breaks down, the Maker will repair or replace it. Please note that our Makers are human and their products aren’t indestructible. If you run one over (the product, not the Maker) with a tractor-trailer, or leave it out in a flood, or let your over-eager Rottweiler bury it in the yard, be kind and don’t ask for a replacement.

To make a claim on a lifetime warranty, contact our Customer Experience Team by email and reference "Made for a Lifetime." We will put you in touch with the Maker to initiate a repair or a replacement, per the Maker’s policies.

If you're not sure whether your item is Made for a Lifetime, you can find it in the product details section on the item's page.  


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